Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Since Olivia was born I’ve had the desire to make things. I’m not sure why but I feel the need to make her clothes, toys, and other stuff. I see the cutest things online and instead of buying them I think I can do that. So today I’m thankful that I come from a long line of crafters. My mom and grandmother are wonderful and make Olivia the cutest things. They’ve made her blankets, bibs, dresses, toys and hats. You name they’ll try it. Unfortunately I’m not that crafty and have limited talent.

I’m a huge fan of baby leg warmers. Olivia is in the stage where six month pants are too short and nine month pants are too long. Since she’s standing and starting to take tiny steps she gets tripped up in her pants. I’ve found that leg warmer work best. She’s not tripping on them and they make diaper changes a breeze. Plus they’re SUPER cute! The problem with baby leg warmers is they are expensive. $10.00 a pair!  So I was very excited when I found this tutorial on how to make your own leg warmers from adult socks.

So here is a before:
And after:
The instructions are so simple. I bought a pair of socks for $2.00 and 10 minutes later Olivia has a cute pair of leg warms.

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