Friday, November 13, 2009


Today I’m thankful for my iPod! I do a lot of traveling for work and my iPod keeps me company. Today I had to visit a family that's an hour drive from my office, one way. So I loaded up the iPod with podcasts to entertain me while I drove over a couple of mountains. I also love to listen to my iPod while I'm doing housework. It helps make the time go by faster.
We ordered a new gate for Olivia last weekend that we’re very excited about. Thursday night when I checked the status of our order I was surprised to find out that FedEx had delivered it Wednesday morning. So I checked the front porch…no package. I had Jesse walk around the entire house, just in case it blew off the porch and was hiding in the side yard or under a pile of leaves. Nothing. So now I’m working with FedEx to find my baby gate and it’s not looking good. The funny thing is Wednesday was a holiday so I was home all day with Olivia and never heard anyone come to the door. Poor Olivia was excited about having a new gate too.

Tonight Olivia demonstrated again that she’s a big girl. Now she can hold and drink her bottle while sitting. I didn’t think they grew up this fast!
Oh, on a SUPER exciting note, Nichole is coming to visit December 16th for an entire week. YAY! We can't wait!

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With love, forever and always said...

I'm super excited. Just a few short weeks away. I'm not sure about the picture of her behind the gate. She doesn't look too happy with you in that one.