Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was a very low-key day for us. I officially moved the winter clothes up stairs. Olivia helped me reorganize the closets.

However I had to keep half of the closet closed so she didn’t see her Christmas present. Jesse says that’s where parents hide presents. Don’t tell Olivia, but this is what I got her. I’m so excited.

We also put up our Christmas decorations. Last year Jesse bought us a new tree. Unfortunately it is not pre-lit. Last year he put the lights on the tree and some how managed to one us two strands of lights, too bare for my taste. This year I put 13 strands on the tree. Perfect!

We put the Christmas tree in our dinning room again this year, far from the curious baby. Since the spider plant winters in the dinning room it was moved to the guest room. Unfortunately one of the spider baby’s did not make the move. Salem was beside herself with excitement. She ate the entire thing.

Saturday Jesse and I decided to go out to celebrate our nine years of marriage. So Olivia went to spend the afternoon with her grandparents.

Jesse and I wanted to do dinner and a movie. Unfortunately Chambersburg was not playing anything we wanted to see. Jesse volunteered to see the Blind Side, but he would have hated it. So we decided to do an early movie, The Fourth Kind, in Hagerstown and the come back home for dinner at the Orchards. So we drove the 30 minutes south and fought mall traffic, only to be told that their website listings were wrong and the movie isn’t showing until 10:45 pm! So we ended up doing some Christmas shopping and stopped at Chick-fil-A for a sweet tea. Yummy!

Then we had a nice relaxing dinner at the Orchards. It was very good and nice to spend some quite time with Jesse. Of course we talked about Olivia most the night. What else is there to talk about? Ha!

Sunday was a PJ day while I recovered from my cold. We made vegetable soup in the crock-pot and watched football. Olivia did her favorite Sunday activity and played with the sales ad.

We also threw away all of Olivia’s pacifiers. She was only using them to sleep, but this week she’s refused to take one. So no more paci. Our baby girl is becoming a big girl!

Now off to curl up on the couch with Jesse and watch the Steelers loose tonight. No Ben, no Troy, no chance :(

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