Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blessing Ring

When I found out I was pregnant and started sharing the good news I got so many wonderful cards of encouragement, excitement, and love. I knew that I want to save all of them to share with Olivia one day. My mom and I have talked a lot about how to preserve them but could never come up with a good solution. This summer I was blog hopping (which I do a lot) and came across design {etc} and her blessing rings. It was perfect. I placed my order and happily waited a few months (she had a baby). I’m so happy it came today.  It is adorable and I can’t wait to attach all of Olivia’s cards.

I love the message on the back of the ring: Our heavenly Father has given us the gift of His blessing. A blessing is not only speaking well-seasoned words, but also putting in action those words of encouragement and praise. And so to you I give the blessing ring. Each time someone encourages you in a word or action, place it on your ring..." A card, a letter, a token, a Bible verse, a photo...punch a hole in it, string it on your Blessing Ring.

I hope that this ring is something that Olivia will cherish as she gets older.

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