Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Charleston Room

Growing up my Nanny had a guest room known as the Charleston Room. It had an antique bedroom suite and cross-stitch pictures of Charleston SC. I loved this room. It was always my favorite room of the house. When my grandparents sold their house I happily accepted the furniture and pictures. Now have my very own Charleston Room (minus the shag patch carpet).

I painted the room lavender, and love it. The hope chest in front of the window was my Mother’s and I hope to pass it to Olivia one day.
Rainbow Row is above the door.
This is a beautiful cross-stitch of Angel Oak. I’ve always loved this picture. If you ever go to Charleston you have to visit it. It is a beautiful tree. They think it is over 1500 years old!
I have books on Franklin County’s history in case my out-of-towners are interested. For example, our town has the distinction of being the only Northern city that was burned by the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Since my sister is coming to visit I got some of her favorite snacks. Yes, one of them is Charleston Chews.
I love my Charleston Room and I’m so excited that it’s going to be occupied for the next two weeks!


toad said...

very cute! i can come stay when aaron is away :)

Angee said...

Of course you can. I'll get need to know your favorite snack!