Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is a mix of old and new ornaments. This is the oldest and one of my favorites. I was two (you do the math).

My other favorite ornament I got a few years ago when we were visiting my parents. I love glass ornaments and being a South Carolinian I can’t resist a Palmetto tree!

Each year my mom sends us new ornaments. This sweet ornament is Olivia’s first Christmas ornament. I doubt this will be her only one.

We are HUGE fans of the office. Jesse was so excited when opened up the box.

I love Precious Moments. We have a lot of Precious Moments ornaments from when I was a child. I love my new Ariel PM.

Each year my mom also got her grand cat, Lil’ Hurt an ornament. Even though he passed on this summer she still bought him a new ornament. We miss him so much!

Little Livie already has a present under the tree from the sweet McAllister family. We can’t wait to open it!

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Kristi said...

I love that your mom sends new ornaments each year. I'll have to remember that, many years from now. The office ornament made me laugh out loud. My girls wanted to put that on our tree, but I just couldn't see how that would best represent our year. Christmas blessings to you!