Saturday, December 19, 2009


While Jesse and I were at work on Friday, Nichole and Olivia spent the day together playing. They made this sweet Christmas ornament for our tree.

After work we bundled Olivia up and went to see Santa.

I was worried about how she’d react but she was happy as a peach. I love the dress she wore. When my mom sent it last month I knew it would be her Santa and Christmas Eve dress. It’s size 6-9 months so I thought it would fit perfect. Nope, we barely got it on her. It also came with a cute hat that didn’t fit. So she won’t be wearing it Christmas Eve. I’ll pass it on to Miss Maisy this week and hopefully she'll get to wear it.
Then we went to Wal-Mart to do some shopping. Auntie Nichole let Olivia picked out her Christmas present.

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