Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Smiling and Crying

Today Olivia went to have her Christmas/ Eight Months pictures taken. She did great. She’s loves to smile at the camera.

Don't let her smiles fool you, Olivia now cries and screams every time Jesse and I leave the room (just started today). We’re talking big crocodile tears and not breathing crying. She cries when I walk from the dining room to the kitchen and it’ll all one big room. It is so unlike my sweet Livie. We almost took a video because she’s so cute with her lip sticking out, but we didn’t want any grandparents beating down our door. Ha! Is this separation anxiety?  Any suggestions on how to move pass this stage?

Now this is the face I like to see!


Laura said...

She is ADORABLE!!! I LOVE the pics & the outfit!! So cute!!

Heather said...

Very cute! Love the outfit!