Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sweet Gifts

My mom got my step-father this adorable tie that he wore to church this morning. So sweet.

Olivia had Christmas with my parents today.

She got another foam mat from her Nanny that makes noise when you press the button. Olivia tried to press the button. We got my parents a web cam so that we can have face to face "phone calls". We're so excited that they'll be able to see Olivia weekly rather than every couple of months, even if it's over the computer.

My mom got me the cutest cups.

Olivia and mom needed to take a nap after all the excitement.

Later we went to dinner with some friends of my parents that were in town for the night. Every December and March they stay at Jesse's hotel for the night while the travel from Maine to Myrtle Beach and back. They're Snow Birds. We went to Cracker Barrel. I had catfish, fired okra, corn bread and sweet tea for dinner. Yummy! This was the first time we took Olivia out to dinner since her bedtime is at 7:00 pm. She did very well. I brought her dinner with us and fed her while we waited on our food. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a mat for the table so she can eat finger foods while we eat and not lick the table. I know, yuck!

I got a lot of great gifts this year but I love my new laptop from my sweet hubby and a Vera Bradley handbag I got from my sister-in-law.

It's an Olivia!

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toad said...

looks like a great christmas...i love the tie and the handbag. the olivia is a cute design!