Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The End of a Great Week

Nichole went home today. We’re so sad and miss her so much already. Olivia loved all the attention and I loved having sister time.

Olivia and I took Nichole out to breakfast at Panera Bread before we left for the airport. She’d never heard of Panera!

It was the first time Olivia in a high chair at a restaurant. She did very well…as long as she couldn’t reach anything.

Olivia has decided that she doesn’t like headbands anymore. Every time I put it on, she’d take it off.

After we said our teary goodbye, Olivia and I finished up our Christmas shopping. I am always amazing at how time consuming it is to get into a store and then back into the car. I’m so thankful when stores have automatic doors.

Since it’s winter I start the car first then I sit in the back seat and buckle Olivia in her car seat. While I’m in the back seat I worry that someone’s going to try to steal the car. Isn’t that crazy? I live in such a small town, but it still makes me worry.

Since all the presents are wrapped and under the tree so I think I’ll curl up and watch Christmas Vacation.

"It's a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club".

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