Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday I got an email offer from If a new customer spends $49 you get $10 off, free shipping and 500 Pampers points. Since we needed to stock up on diapers I bought a box of size 4 cruisers (140 diapers) and added a Little Einstein book to make my order $49. My total with discount was $38. I placed the order at 5:59 pm Friday night and the diapers where on my doorstep Saturday afternoon. I cashed in my Pamper points (I already had 500) and got a code for a free Shutterfly book. WooHoo! This is the second book I've earned with my Pamper points. I LOVE reward programs.  If you're interested the offer code is 10PAMPERS.

Saturday morning I bundled Olivia up (the high was 19!) and we headed over to Landon's for a play date. Olivia got to play with trucks, cars and tractors. Stuff she's never seen before. Who knew she'd like playing with a football helmet.

Olivia had such a good time and played hard. She was asleep before we left their driveway. Then she took a two hour nap when we got home!

I didn't get home from my shopping trip (see previous post) until after 6:00 pm. Jesse was just finishing dinner with Olivia. She didn't cooperate with her bib and had food everywhere.

Since bedtime was only 20 minutes away Jesse let her run around in her diaper and socks. ha!

Jesse worked Sunday morning (his 7th straight day)so Olivia and I stayed home. We Skyped with my parents then Jesse's mom came over for a visit. She brought Olivia some new clothes. Olivia spent at least an hour playing with her clothes and hangers.

This weekend Chambersburg had its annual IceFest. Downtown is full of these amazing ice sculptures. We really wanted to go but it was way too cold to have Olivia outside. I think it got up to 25 today. Too cold for a baby but good for the ice. So here's some pictures from last year.

And The Total Is...

After Jesse got home from work yesterday I headed out to do my grocery shopping. Right before I left the house he informed me that we needed some cat supplies and that I could add an extra $80.00 to my budget. Big mistake!

My first stop was Wal-Mart. I picked up the cat supplies (not added into my weekly spending) and looked for some of the deals I saw on a couple of money saving blogs. I didn't see any of the deals they were talking about. So I left feeling discouraged and was having second thoughts about this whole idea.

My next stop was Walgreen's. I had seen a deal on Huggies wipes so I was hoping to score some. When I got to the store I couldn't find any in store coupons so I left empty handed. I have to admit I don't understand that store. I find it confusing. Probably because I've never shopped there.

Then I hit Giant. Since I didn't have Olivia with me I stopped at the cafe and got a latte. Yummy! I did my weekly food and stock up shopping all at the same time. We eat smoked sausage or kielbasa once a week. Since they were having a B1G1 I stocked up. I only planned on getting four but since Jesse gave me a larger budget I got eight (paid for four). The same thing with cheese. It was B1G1 and I bought double what I originally planned on buying. Pepsi was on sale for a $1.00 so I bought 10 for Jesse. Hopefully it'll last him awhile. Ha! My total was $178.78. I saved $60.83 with bonus buys and coupons bringing my total to $117.95. Only a 34% savings.

My last stop was Food Lion. They had ground chuck on sale for $1.49 so I bought five pounds. They also had Purex B1G1 and I had a $1.00 off two coupon. So I got two bottle for $3.79. I think that's good. My total was $26.02 (I picked up some other items). My savings were $9.64 bringing my total to $16.38. Only a 37% savings.

I'm sure you can tell from my totals that I did not meet my goal of 50/50 this week. I blame it on Jesse. Ha! My total for this week's groceries are $59.63. Looking over my receipt I know where I went wrong. I bought some impulse snack items. I had coupons for them but they weren't on the list. Another thing is I spent $3.34 on two rolls of paper towels. Next week I'm hoping to find a good buy and make it a stock up item. I also bought paper plates. They'll last us two weeks but they're an item we don't really need. It just makes clean super easy.

My stock up total for the week was $69.71. I bought double what I planned on since I had the extra money. So next time even if we have extra money I'm not buying anything that's not on the list.

I feel somewhat good about my (2 1/2 hour) shopping trip. I'm happy that my pantry and freezer are half full and I'm looking forward to a new challenge next week. I hope chicken goes on sale. I only have one more pound in the freezer!

My dinner menu for this week runs from Saturday to Friday. Four nights of cooking and three night of leftovers. We're having Chicken Nachos, Sausage Casserole, Pasta and Salisbury Meatballs. I also have three back up meals just in case.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ten Months Old


You are ten months old today! What have you been up to?

You are still wearing 9 month clothes and still in size 3 diapers.

You're eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with a bottle as a snack. Your favorite meal is lunch because you get to feed yourself finger foods. You're done eating baby food and love eating table food.

You are still cruising everywhere. You like to walk around the living room with your music table. You're standing up from the floor all by yourself. You are also squatting and picking up toys. You love to stand with toys and raise them over your head. I tease your Daddy that you're going to be a body builder when you grow up.

You love to play with Mommy and Daddy's cell phones. You'll put it up to your ear and talk your little heart out. You've made accidental calls to Daddy and Mommy!

You love to talk. You're always talking to us, yourself or your toys. You also like to sing to yourself. You love to dance too!

You put your arms up when you want to be picked up. Which is 95% of the time. Ha!

You love to get your teeth brushed. Every night at bedtime you crawl to the bathroom and happily let Mommy brush your teeth.

These have been ten wonderful months. You are such a joy to our lives. We're are so blessed to be your parents. We love you Livie!!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Target Deals

After work I stopped by Target to grab a couple of deals. I bought Olivia's formula for the month. It was $44.98. It's actually a dollar cheaper at Giant but this week at Target if you buy two containers you get a $5.00 gift card! I'm adding it to my rainy day collection of Target cards. I also followed Money Saving Mom's directions and got four boxes of Special K for $1.44. Yay! I hope tomorrow is as productive.

We're so excited! Olivia can stand up from the middle of the floor all by herself. She can also squat, pick up a toy and stand up again. She's such a big girl. Olivia has three more jars of baby food and then we're done. No more jarred puree. All she wants to eat is finger foods. The only thing we still spoon feed her is yogurt and applesauce. I think next month we might start letting her play with the spoon...I think!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing SAHM

Today our sitter needed the day off so I stayed home with Livie and loved every minute of it. Not only did I get to spend quality time with her but my house is clean. There's no laundry in any of the baskets and my fridge is clean. Yay!!

Yesterday I posted a picture of Olivia's music table that she turned over. Today she walked around the room playing with it.

I think Olivia's favorite meal is lunch. We only feed her finger foods so she has all the control. Today she had peaches, green beans, sweet potato fries and cheese. I made her a big plate and she ate it all.! I was also surprised that there are only a small of amount of food that fell into her high chair.

Speaking of meals. I've been working on the grocery list for this week. I've actually planned an entire month of meals so I know what sales to look for. Since there's only 2 1/2 of us, I typically cook one night and we eat leftovers the next night.

I've organized my coupons and studied the weekly ads. I feel very overwhelmed but hope that I'm up for the challenge. This month we've decided to increase the grocery amount to $100.00 a week. $50.00 for weekly food and $50.00 for stockpiling. I'm planning on hitting a few stores tomorrow but doing the bulk of my shopping on Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Did It!

Tonight Olivia had a Skype call with her grandparents and Auntie Nichole. We had some technical difficulties but we were able to talk for a couple of minutes. Olivia is still unsure about the people in the computer talking to her.

Well I did it! YAY! After I put Olivia to bed I ran on the elliptical. It was only for 20 minutes, but a girl's gotta start somewhere. I loaded my iPod with my favorite podcast and ran my little heart out. Now the important thing is to do it again tomorrow!

So my other big goal for this spend $50.00 a week in groceries (not counting diapers and formula). I'm very nervous about doing this. Right now we're spending close to $200.00 a week including diapers and formula. I know it's a crazy amount so that's why we're trying to reduce the bill (drastically). I've been doing a lot of research on how to get the best deals out there. I'd love any suggestions. I'm working on next week's menu and already stressing out. I'll let you know how it goes!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Goals

We're in trouble now...Olivia can take her arm out of her sleeve. She did it twice for Jesse today and once when I got home. I just know that one day (soon) I'm going to find her naked. Tonight I put her in pjs that zip up, so tomorrow will not be the day. Ha!

I set some BIG goals for myself this week. I'm not going to eat any sweets. As I'm typing that's all I can think about. Jesse has a sweet tooth so I'm always baking for him. Now I just need to stay away from them. So instead I'm going to have a glass of chocolate Silk. 

Another goal is to run on the elliptical three times a week. I've been wanting to do this since the beginning of the year but my only option was to get up at 5:45 am. Now our evenings are a lot smoother. Olivia goes to bed at 7:00 (and stays asleep) and the kitchen is clean before she goes to bed. So starting tomorrow my plan is to workout after I put Liv to bed. Fingers crossed that I actually do it!  I have another big goal, but I'll talk about it tomorrow. 

I'm happy to announce that I FINALLY finished The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. I read her other two books and loved them, but I did not enjoy this book at all. I also read Baby Sign Language Basics by Monta Z. Briant. It's the smallest book I've ever read. It's the same size as my camera.  I've been doing signs with Liv for about five months but not consistently. Now that she getting older I'm trying to make sure I sign with her all the time. I also need to make sure Jesse and Andrea sign to her too. Most the time she laughs at me when I sign but this weekend she finally put her hands in the air to be picked up. Yay!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Uneventful Weekend

We had an uneventful weekend.  Friday night Jesse and I watched Paranormal Activity.  It was very creepy.  I don't think Jesse's had a good night of sleep since.  Ha!

Saturday Olivia was a little fussy so we made it a pj day.  Since Jesse was off I got a lot of house work and projects done. 

Today Jesse had to work so Olivia and I stayed home while he was gone.  It's very nasty outside.  Every Sunday I make a football dip and dinner in the crockpot.  Today I made Bacon-Horseradish Dip and Chicken Enchilada Chili.  I love that all my cooking is done by 9:00 am.

Once Jesse got home we visited with some friends and watched the first football game (Yay, Colts).  Now we're watching the second game (Go Vikings) and all my housework is done!   It's a wonderful feeling.  Of course I'm thinking of all the projects I could be doing but I'm going to hold strong and just relax. 

This weekend Olivia discovered that she can unsnap her pjs and untab her diaper.  I just know that fun times are ahead.  Ha!

Today I put Olivia in a 12 months outfit and the pants were super long.  I had to roll them up so she could walk.  Olivia has decided that she prefers walking with the laundry basket!

She also refused to wear a bib during dinner so we had food everywhere.  I hope you had a great weekend too!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dinner and Dancing

Tonight we had YUMMY Chicken Curry for dinner.  We had dinner on the table in 10 minutes and was good.  I think tonight was the first time Jesse didn't add salt and pepper to my cooking.  Ha! The best part is we have leftovers and two more dinners of Chicken Curry in the freezer.

After dinner Olivia and Jesse did their favorite activity...played Guitar Hero.  Olivia loves to dance to the music.  I only got a short video of her dancing before she realized I was recording her. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Down...

I finished a project. Yay!  I saw this project at Eightcrazy and decided to try it.  I bought the supplies a few weeks ago and finally got around to doing it.  It was super easy and I'm planning to hang them in the living room in a couple of weeks.  I have a few other projects to finish first. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cooking and Freezing

We had a wonderful weekend. Last week I got a new cook book, Fix Freeze Feast. 2010 is all about making life easy. Friday night was leftover night so I made and froze Chicken Curry. Now we have three yummy entrees in our freezer.

Saturday was pretty laid back. Jesse had to work so Olivia and I ran our usually errands. That evening Jesse's corporate Christmas party was in Baltimore. It was canceled in December due to snow. Due to budget reasons this is the first year spouses were not invited :( So Annette and I got together and had our own Christmas party with the kids.

Sunday was a very rainy day so we stayed in and watched football. I also did some more cooking and freezing. Our local grocery store has chicken quarters on sale for .49 a pound. So I bought two packs. Last week I saw a simple crock pot recipe at A Year of Slow Cooking for cooking chicken. I was so simple and I loved not having to stand over a hot stove all day. Now we have five pounds of shredded chicken in the freezer. Yay! Then I took the chicken juice (I know it sounds gross) and bones and made chicken broth. Now we have some yummy broth in the freezer. I use broth for everything so I'm so excited to have free broth.

Today I continued my theme of cooking and freezing. Olivia and I made "Egg McMuffins" and froze them. I'm always running out of time in the morning and typically never have time for breakfast. Now I have no excuses and my goal for this week is to eat breakfast every day. Everything I made this weekend was so simple. I can't wait to cook and freeze some more next weekend.

Olivia loves to help with laundry. Unfortunately her way of helping is taking everything out of the basket. No matter where I put the basket she gets into it. So after I folded the laundry I put the basket on the other side of the gate out of her reach and planned on putting it away later. I went to the kitchen and came back to find that Olivia had reached through the gate, moved the basket (it was further to the right) and tipped it over. I'm amazed at how she can reach EVERYTHING! Later Jesse had a glass of Pepsi on the end table and of course Olivia tipped it all over herself. Poor thing was very sticky and ended up having two bathes today.

I'm happy to announce that weaning Olivia from her night time bottle is going well. She's down to four ounces at bedtime. Tonight she only drank three. She was probably full of Pepsi. Ha!

My other goal for this week is to get at least one project done a week. I have tons of stuff I've been wanting to do but always run out of time. For example, if you look back at the picture of Olivia and the laundry basket you'll notice that the hallway is taped off and ready to be painted. It's been that way since we painted the living room in August. I know! So instead of thinking of all the things I want to do I'm going to make time to do them. After all I've got extra time on my hands since I'm cooking and freezing. Ha! I have two new projects that I started this weekend and are half way done with them. I'll show them once they're completed. I hope you had a great weekend too!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So You Had a Bad Day

Olivia has a horrible diaper rash.  Last night she was in so much pain that she wouldn't sit. Olivia has always been prone to diaper rash but this is on a whole new level.  This morning it wasn't any better so I stayed home and called the doctor.  After they reassured me that I was doing all the right things I put a giant blanket on the living room floor and let her play without a diaper for about 15-20 minutes every two hours.  Thankfully we only had one accident.  After today I can't wait to start potty training. Ha!

Olivia loves rolling around the kitchen in the walker while I'm cooking or cleaning.  She really likes to open the cabinet doors and drawers.  Today she closed her little fingers in the drawer.  Poor thing is just not having a good day.  I was watching her when it happened and knew it was going to happen but couldn't get to her fast enough.  I felt like I was in slow motion saying "nooooo".

Even though I was home because Olivia was in pain I loved spending the day with my little Livie!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's For Dinner?

When Olivia started eating solids I made her purees from First Meals.  But unfortunately convenience took over and we started feeding her jarred baby food.  So we started feeding her Earth's Best.  She loves it and so do I.  At Olivia's nine month wellness check her doctor urged us to start feeding Olivia more table food. 

So I pulled out First Meals and made Olivia her first "real" meal tonight, Cheesy Pasta Stars.  It's carrots, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and pasta stars.  It was very easy to make.

I thought she liked it until halfway through the meal she started making faces and spitting it out.  Which she's never done before. 

By the end of the meal there were pasta stars everywhere!  I had to undress her at the high chair. Ha! Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow.

I'm always looking for new things to feed Olivia.  What are your favorite baby meal recipes? 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still a Ham!

Well it's American Idol time again.  Jesse loves to watch it, which is unusal because he doesn't watch TV unless it's sports.  Every year I give him a hard time about watching American Idol, but I secretly love the cuddle time.  Plus there are some CRAZY people on there! 

Every time Olivia sees the camera this is how she reacts.  She's sooooo cute!

Cute butt!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Having a Happy Morning

Mornings are very crazy and busy in our house.  Now matter how much I plan and prep the night before by morning I always feel overwhelmed and stressed out about getting out of the house on time.  Thankfully we have an in-house sitter or I'd never get to work on time! Usually I end up taking my frustration out on Jesse.  So my mini goal for this week is to be nice to Jesse in the morning.  I'm going to give him a compliment instead of a criticism and thank him for all he does through out the day.  I'm very lucky to have such a sweet husband and I need to make sure he know it everyday!

My other goal for the week is to ween Olivia off of her bedtime bottle.  She drinks a six ounce bottle every night while I rock her to sleep.  Now that she has teeth I know that it's time to start weening her off the bottle.  My plan is to decrease the amount of ounces every week.  So this week she's only getting five ounces.  Next week she'll get four and so on.  I hope my plan works. 

I'm very excited that I can now add a book to my countdown list (a month after I started the challenge).  Next week I need to add a goal to make more time to read or I'll never get my list done in time.  Ha!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Little Ham

Last night Jesse and I saw his brother's band (Screw Jack) play at a local theaher.  They were very good and we had a great time.  I'm very proud of Joe!

Olivia has a new face she makes when she doesn't want to eat something.  As soon as she sees the spoon she closes her eyes and scrunches her nose.  I think she hopes by closing her eyes it'll go away.  Ha!  I tried to get a good picture of her face, but Olivia's become such a ham that as soon as she sees the camera she starts smiling.  Yes, I still haven't put up my Christmas wrapping paper.

I forgot to post this picture a few days ago.  Olivia took her shoe and sock off, but only her right foot.  As I was snapping the picutre of her feet she put her sock in her mouth.  Silly girl!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year of Mini Goals

In the past I’ve always made a long list of New Year’s resolution and by January 15th I feel overwhelmed and forget all about them. So this year I’ve set some overall goals for myself. I want to be a better Christian, wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. I want to lose weight, be healthier, live off of one income, learn how to spend as little money as possible on groceries and maybe even get pregnant. Those are some big goals. So I’ve decided that every week I’m going to focus on one or two mini goals.

Starting January 1st I gave up soda. More specifically carbonated beverages. Since having Olivia I’ve needed a constant stream of caffeine. At 7:00 am it’s generally easier for me to pour a glass of Pepsi than to make coffee. I do not like diet soda only the full sugar stuff so I had no choice but to give it up. I also love ginger ale, which I don’t consider soda but is still full of sugar so no more carbonated beverages. It has been very HARD. Some days I just crave Pepsi. I have a bottle of ginger ale in my fridge that whispers my name every time I open the door. But I’m proud to say for the past eight days I’m soda free. Instead I’ve started drinking more water, soy lattes and sweet tea (I’ll address that issue in the spring).

I’m going to start a new mini goal each Monday. So my mini goal for the week of January 4th is that I would pack my lunch everyday, except when I have scheduled lunch dates. It’s healthier and cheaper (I think). Morning is so hectic in my house that I never have time to pack lunch so during the day I usually pick up fast food or just starve. Neither is very good. My mornings are still very hectic but if I do some planning ahead the night before I leave the house with lunch. (Some of you know that this was not my original mini goal for the week, but that is going to take more planning before I can put it in place. I hope to do that one in the next few weeks).

I have a lot of goals that I want to achieve this year. I hope by focusing on one or two goals a week I can accomplish all that I want and not feel overwhelmed. Fingers crossed!

If you want to see other bloggers’ resolutions check out Kelly’s Korner.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nine Month Check-up

Last night as I was getting Liv ready for bed when I had a moment of panic.  I realized that the doctor office never called to confirm her appointment for the morning.  They were already closed and her appointment was at 8:00 am (when they open) so I couldn't call them.  I talked to a friend and she said that she's not gotten a confirmation call before and that I didn't have anything to worry about...but I did.  What if I wrote the wrong date down?  Since becoming a mom I've found myself to be very absent minded, forgetful, unorganized...shall I go on? 

So this morning Jesse and I got up, figured out our plan of attack, fist bumped and made it to the doctor office with five minutes to spare.  I was so relived when I gave the receptionist Liv's name and she didn't look at me like I had two heads.  While I was signing paperwork I overheard the woman next to me...she didn't have an appointment.  They informed her that her appointment was two days ago.  I felt so bad for her. 

Liv is 20 pounds 12 ounces and is 28.5 inches long! She in the 75-90%.  Her doctor said she looks perfect!  Liv's toe was pricked to test her blood for anemia (which she doesn't have).  The nurse put a huge band aid on her tiny little toe.  I tried taking a picture of it, but Liv discovered it first. 

After work I took Liv to get her nine month pictures done.  Last week my parents took Liv but she cried the entire time so they only got one picture.  Today she did much better.  The girl saved me the picture from last week.

It's so precious.  I love my Livie!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday