Sunday, January 31, 2010

And The Total Is...

After Jesse got home from work yesterday I headed out to do my grocery shopping. Right before I left the house he informed me that we needed some cat supplies and that I could add an extra $80.00 to my budget. Big mistake!

My first stop was Wal-Mart. I picked up the cat supplies (not added into my weekly spending) and looked for some of the deals I saw on a couple of money saving blogs. I didn't see any of the deals they were talking about. So I left feeling discouraged and was having second thoughts about this whole idea.

My next stop was Walgreen's. I had seen a deal on Huggies wipes so I was hoping to score some. When I got to the store I couldn't find any in store coupons so I left empty handed. I have to admit I don't understand that store. I find it confusing. Probably because I've never shopped there.

Then I hit Giant. Since I didn't have Olivia with me I stopped at the cafe and got a latte. Yummy! I did my weekly food and stock up shopping all at the same time. We eat smoked sausage or kielbasa once a week. Since they were having a B1G1 I stocked up. I only planned on getting four but since Jesse gave me a larger budget I got eight (paid for four). The same thing with cheese. It was B1G1 and I bought double what I originally planned on buying. Pepsi was on sale for a $1.00 so I bought 10 for Jesse. Hopefully it'll last him awhile. Ha! My total was $178.78. I saved $60.83 with bonus buys and coupons bringing my total to $117.95. Only a 34% savings.

My last stop was Food Lion. They had ground chuck on sale for $1.49 so I bought five pounds. They also had Purex B1G1 and I had a $1.00 off two coupon. So I got two bottle for $3.79. I think that's good. My total was $26.02 (I picked up some other items). My savings were $9.64 bringing my total to $16.38. Only a 37% savings.

I'm sure you can tell from my totals that I did not meet my goal of 50/50 this week. I blame it on Jesse. Ha! My total for this week's groceries are $59.63. Looking over my receipt I know where I went wrong. I bought some impulse snack items. I had coupons for them but they weren't on the list. Another thing is I spent $3.34 on two rolls of paper towels. Next week I'm hoping to find a good buy and make it a stock up item. I also bought paper plates. They'll last us two weeks but they're an item we don't really need. It just makes clean super easy.

My stock up total for the week was $69.71. I bought double what I planned on since I had the extra money. So next time even if we have extra money I'm not buying anything that's not on the list.

I feel somewhat good about my (2 1/2 hour) shopping trip. I'm happy that my pantry and freezer are half full and I'm looking forward to a new challenge next week. I hope chicken goes on sale. I only have one more pound in the freezer!

My dinner menu for this week runs from Saturday to Friday. Four nights of cooking and three night of leftovers. We're having Chicken Nachos, Sausage Casserole, Pasta and Salisbury Meatballs. I also have three back up meals just in case.


toad said...

sounds like you did a GREAT job! your coupons and bonus buys added up at giant. you are making me more interested in stopping by another store for a good sale. i have never had time to do that and i usually have one of the kids with me...but if the sale is good enough for a stock up, it might be worth it! don't stress out about going a little over. i always figure if there is a great sale and it will keep me from spending full price on that item the next week, it is worth going over a little. we will have to compare shopping notes every week to see where the best deals are!

Angee said...

Yes we should compare our shopping notes. I'm starting to work on my list now. I would have never gone to so many stores if Livie was with me.