Monday, January 18, 2010

Cooking and Freezing

We had a wonderful weekend. Last week I got a new cook book, Fix Freeze Feast. 2010 is all about making life easy. Friday night was leftover night so I made and froze Chicken Curry. Now we have three yummy entrees in our freezer.

Saturday was pretty laid back. Jesse had to work so Olivia and I ran our usually errands. That evening Jesse's corporate Christmas party was in Baltimore. It was canceled in December due to snow. Due to budget reasons this is the first year spouses were not invited :( So Annette and I got together and had our own Christmas party with the kids.

Sunday was a very rainy day so we stayed in and watched football. I also did some more cooking and freezing. Our local grocery store has chicken quarters on sale for .49 a pound. So I bought two packs. Last week I saw a simple crock pot recipe at A Year of Slow Cooking for cooking chicken. I was so simple and I loved not having to stand over a hot stove all day. Now we have five pounds of shredded chicken in the freezer. Yay! Then I took the chicken juice (I know it sounds gross) and bones and made chicken broth. Now we have some yummy broth in the freezer. I use broth for everything so I'm so excited to have free broth.

Today I continued my theme of cooking and freezing. Olivia and I made "Egg McMuffins" and froze them. I'm always running out of time in the morning and typically never have time for breakfast. Now I have no excuses and my goal for this week is to eat breakfast every day. Everything I made this weekend was so simple. I can't wait to cook and freeze some more next weekend.

Olivia loves to help with laundry. Unfortunately her way of helping is taking everything out of the basket. No matter where I put the basket she gets into it. So after I folded the laundry I put the basket on the other side of the gate out of her reach and planned on putting it away later. I went to the kitchen and came back to find that Olivia had reached through the gate, moved the basket (it was further to the right) and tipped it over. I'm amazed at how she can reach EVERYTHING! Later Jesse had a glass of Pepsi on the end table and of course Olivia tipped it all over herself. Poor thing was very sticky and ended up having two bathes today.

I'm happy to announce that weaning Olivia from her night time bottle is going well. She's down to four ounces at bedtime. Tonight she only drank three. She was probably full of Pepsi. Ha!

My other goal for this week is to get at least one project done a week. I have tons of stuff I've been wanting to do but always run out of time. For example, if you look back at the picture of Olivia and the laundry basket you'll notice that the hallway is taped off and ready to be painted. It's been that way since we painted the living room in August. I know! So instead of thinking of all the things I want to do I'm going to make time to do them. After all I've got extra time on my hands since I'm cooking and freezing. Ha! I have two new projects that I started this weekend and are half way done with them. I'll show them once they're completed. I hope you had a great weekend too!

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toad said...

you are so motivated...i should hang out with you more so it rubs off on me!