Monday, January 11, 2010

Having a Happy Morning

Mornings are very crazy and busy in our house.  Now matter how much I plan and prep the night before by morning I always feel overwhelmed and stressed out about getting out of the house on time.  Thankfully we have an in-house sitter or I'd never get to work on time! Usually I end up taking my frustration out on Jesse.  So my mini goal for this week is to be nice to Jesse in the morning.  I'm going to give him a compliment instead of a criticism and thank him for all he does through out the day.  I'm very lucky to have such a sweet husband and I need to make sure he know it everyday!

My other goal for the week is to ween Olivia off of her bedtime bottle.  She drinks a six ounce bottle every night while I rock her to sleep.  Now that she has teeth I know that it's time to start weening her off the bottle.  My plan is to decrease the amount of ounces every week.  So this week she's only getting five ounces.  Next week she'll get four and so on.  I hope my plan works. 

I'm very excited that I can now add a book to my countdown list (a month after I started the challenge).  Next week I need to add a goal to make more time to read or I'll never get my list done in time.  Ha!

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