Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing SAHM

Today our sitter needed the day off so I stayed home with Livie and loved every minute of it. Not only did I get to spend quality time with her but my house is clean. There's no laundry in any of the baskets and my fridge is clean. Yay!!

Yesterday I posted a picture of Olivia's music table that she turned over. Today she walked around the room playing with it.

I think Olivia's favorite meal is lunch. We only feed her finger foods so she has all the control. Today she had peaches, green beans, sweet potato fries and cheese. I made her a big plate and she ate it all.! I was also surprised that there are only a small of amount of food that fell into her high chair.

Speaking of meals. I've been working on the grocery list for this week. I've actually planned an entire month of meals so I know what sales to look for. Since there's only 2 1/2 of us, I typically cook one night and we eat leftovers the next night.

I've organized my coupons and studied the weekly ads. I feel very overwhelmed but hope that I'm up for the challenge. This month we've decided to increase the grocery amount to $100.00 a week. $50.00 for weekly food and $50.00 for stockpiling. I'm planning on hitting a few stores tomorrow but doing the bulk of my shopping on Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes.

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toad said...

once you get some of your usual stuff stocked up (until the next sale one it), it does get easier. i am probably shopping tomorrow night (unless something more fun comes along!) if you want to make a date of it. plan for a 2 hour trip and take a latte along. when i first started with lists and coupons, it took me awhile to get through...but it is your time out!