Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ten Months Old


You are ten months old today! What have you been up to?

You are still wearing 9 month clothes and still in size 3 diapers.

You're eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with a bottle as a snack. Your favorite meal is lunch because you get to feed yourself finger foods. You're done eating baby food and love eating table food.

You are still cruising everywhere. You like to walk around the living room with your music table. You're standing up from the floor all by yourself. You are also squatting and picking up toys. You love to stand with toys and raise them over your head. I tease your Daddy that you're going to be a body builder when you grow up.

You love to play with Mommy and Daddy's cell phones. You'll put it up to your ear and talk your little heart out. You've made accidental calls to Daddy and Mommy!

You love to talk. You're always talking to us, yourself or your toys. You also like to sing to yourself. You love to dance too!

You put your arms up when you want to be picked up. Which is 95% of the time. Ha!

You love to get your teeth brushed. Every night at bedtime you crawl to the bathroom and happily let Mommy brush your teeth.

These have been ten wonderful months. You are such a joy to our lives. We're are so blessed to be your parents. We love you Livie!!


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