Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday I got an email offer from If a new customer spends $49 you get $10 off, free shipping and 500 Pampers points. Since we needed to stock up on diapers I bought a box of size 4 cruisers (140 diapers) and added a Little Einstein book to make my order $49. My total with discount was $38. I placed the order at 5:59 pm Friday night and the diapers where on my doorstep Saturday afternoon. I cashed in my Pamper points (I already had 500) and got a code for a free Shutterfly book. WooHoo! This is the second book I've earned with my Pamper points. I LOVE reward programs.  If you're interested the offer code is 10PAMPERS.

Saturday morning I bundled Olivia up (the high was 19!) and we headed over to Landon's for a play date. Olivia got to play with trucks, cars and tractors. Stuff she's never seen before. Who knew she'd like playing with a football helmet.

Olivia had such a good time and played hard. She was asleep before we left their driveway. Then she took a two hour nap when we got home!

I didn't get home from my shopping trip (see previous post) until after 6:00 pm. Jesse was just finishing dinner with Olivia. She didn't cooperate with her bib and had food everywhere.

Since bedtime was only 20 minutes away Jesse let her run around in her diaper and socks. ha!

Jesse worked Sunday morning (his 7th straight day)so Olivia and I stayed home. We Skyped with my parents then Jesse's mom came over for a visit. She brought Olivia some new clothes. Olivia spent at least an hour playing with her clothes and hangers.

This weekend Chambersburg had its annual IceFest. Downtown is full of these amazing ice sculptures. We really wanted to go but it was way too cold to have Olivia outside. I think it got up to 25 today. Too cold for a baby but good for the ice. So here's some pictures from last year.


toad said...

we stopped at ice fest yesterday just for the boys to go down the slide...literally 10 minutes and we were frozen. maisys face was red :( i should have stayed in the car, but i wanted to get a picture!

Laura said...

Awww-I love the pics from our Playdate!! Landon has asked about Olivia everyday since then! We will def have to do it again soon!! I am so glad that she slept as long as she did for you-she played really hard the whole time you were here!