Saturday, February 6, 2010

Grocery Totals

Since we had a big snow storm heading our way I went grocery shopping at 6:30 am Friday morning. I know! It was super early. The nice thing about shopping so early is that the store is almost empty and they have half the lights on. It's nice and soothing. The bad part, they're still stocking the shelves (I had to wait for them to unload the bananas off the truck) and there's only one check out line open.

I went to Weiss to stock up on chicken. They had chicken quarters on sale for .59 a pound so I got 10 pounds. Just in time too because I just used my last pound of frozen chicken tonight. Jesse's likes the frozen Tyson chicken patties and they were B1G1 so I got two bags for $7.99. They also had gold fish on sale for a dollar so I got a couple of bags. They make baby goldfish that are so cute and perfect size for Livie. I also got Martin's B1G1 chips and had a $1.00 off two coupon. My total before savings was $34.23. I saved $13.35 and spent $20.88. I had a savings of 39%.

I got the rest of my groceries from Giant. Shredded Wheat was on sale for $2.00 and I had a $2.00 coupon so I got it free. Giant also has a special this month that if you buy three El Paso Heat and Serves you get a $1.00 off our next grocery purchase. They were a dollar each and I had two dollar off coupons. So I paid a dollar for three rice packets and got a dollar off coupon. My total before savings was $72.92. I saved $23.00 and paid 49.92. I had a saving of 32%.

I also stopped by Target for toiletries and CVS for toilet paper. They had 12 rolls of Quilted Northern for $6.99. I think that's good. Giant had 6 rolls for $5.50.

My total for stock up this week was $50.12. My total for weekly groceries was $44.54. I completely forgot that we're ordering pizza on Sunday so I actually went over my weekly amount. Oh well. I'm still happy with the week's shopping.

However my coupons are out of control. I need a better system of organizing them. I can't find anything especially when I'm in the store and can't find a coupon. Any suggestions?

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toad said...

i use a small accordian file that is plastic and green and has about 10 pockets. i think that i got it at big lots. they have bigger ones too!