Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rough Week

Sorry I've been MIA this week. I've been battling what feels like nonstop morning sickness. Morning and evening seem to be the worst for me. I'm not able to keep anything down. Thankfully lunch has been agreeing with me...until today. Ha! I remember morning sickness with Olivia but I'm not sure if it was this bad. I've also been burping a lot with this baby. It's very odd.

Not only do I have "all day" sickness and first trimester exhaustion I also have an 11 month old cutting two top teeth. So we're having long days and long nights. I canceled all our plans for today and Olivia and I have been home trying to feel better. I'm hoping that next week is a better week for us. We only have four weeks until her birthday and a million things to do!


Mama Feather said...

Feel better soon-I know that these days seem incredibly long now, but before you know you'll be over the morning sickness, have your little one in your arms & Olivia will have all of her teeth! Let me know if you need anything!

toad said...

hate that you are feeling so bad...just eat and rest as much as you can! i sucked hard candy and drank a lot. i LIVED on tums too...with adin, i actually had to go on pravacid because of the burping and verping...haha. if you take more than like 10 a day that might do that. this too will pass... ;)