Sunday, February 14, 2010

She's a Toddler

Monday I posted a video of Olivia taking a couple of steps. In less than a week she's a walking fool. She walks everywhere! If she falls down she gets right back up and keeps on going. Olivia loves to walk from one end of our living room to the other (it's a big room).
Friday night she fell and hit her head on one of her toys. Now she has a goose egg, but it has not slowed her down.  It's on the right side of her forehead. 
Tonight we had dinner with Jesse's parents and she spent the whole time walking from one end of their house to the other. She even crawled up 1 1/2 steps until I got to nervous and made her get down.

We're so proud of our little Livie. I can't believe how much she's changed over these last 10 months. They say once babies are walking they become toddlers. So I guess we have a toddler!  Uh-oh!

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