Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Olivia's Birthday Weekend

Our weekend started Friday morning when Auntie Nichole and Andrew arrived around 1:30 am from SC.  Friday morning Nichole, Olivia and I ran party errands and then relaxed until the rest of the SC family arrived.  That evening we all met at the hotel and had pizza for dinner.  Olivia loved all the attention and running around the room. 

We had 20 adults and 2 kiddos at the party. Jesse was very nervous about having seats for everyone but it all worked out and everyone made themselves at home. Olivia’s party dress was made by her great grandmother and I absolutely adore it. Unfortunately she never sat still long enough for us to get a good picture of it. Olivia spent the entire party running from room to room. She loved having all the attention.

Everything for the party was pink! Auntie Nichole ordered some pink M&Ms with Olivia’s picture on them and we gave them away as party favors. They are so cute.

Olivia did have a couple of mini meltdowns. It was close to naptime but she got excited when we started opening gifts. She got a lot of toys and clothes. Olivia also got a swing, sandbox and swimming pool. Unfortunately she also got two bikinis. Jesse has requested that I return them (Sorry you guys). I have a feeling Jesse’s not going to let Olivia wear a bikini until she’s married. Ha!

Jesse thanked everyone for coming and we sand Happy Birthday to Olivia. I got a little emotional. I can’t believe she’s already one. Then we gave her the cake. It took her a couple of minutes but then she didn’t want to stop eating it. She had very little cake and a lot of icing. It was yummy!

After Olivia's party some of the adults when out to dinner at the Orchard’s to celebrate Joe, Nichole and Ian's 30th birthday.

The next morning after breakfast Olivia crawled into her big girl chair and hung out there awhile.  She loves her chair, but now it makes her want to crawl up on the couch even more.  Yikes!

Sunday morning Dad, Frances, Nichole and Andrew headed home. Mom and the gang were going to DC for a few days of sight seeing. Before they left we had lunch at Applebee's. Jesse let Olivia walk into the restaurant. It was so sweet. I wish I had taken a picture. After lunch we came back to the house for goodbyes and Olivia played with her balloons.
Olivia’s first birthday weekend was perfect. I’m so glad we had all our family to help celebrate her life. She is a true miracle.

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