Friday, April 30, 2010

13 Months

Olivia you're 13 months old today! So what have you been up to?

You weigh 22.5 pounds and are 19 inches long. You wear 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. You have eight teeth. Four up top and four on the bottom. You're constantly chewing on things so we know more are coming.

You say mama, dada, hi and cat. You say cat everytime you see them. Once you saw a bunny on tv and said cat. You love to chase Salem around the living room but have learned to keep your distance.

You say moo when we ask what a cow says. You know where your belly is and love to shake your head yes and no. You can also make an Indian sound. You love to imitate us and have us imitate you. Whenever you clap you want us to sing Pat-A-Cake.

You walk in a fast walk, almost running. You love to climb up everything and are very good at getting off backwards and feet first. We don't worry about you falling off our bed anymore. You're able to get yourself down but you know that it's a long fall. You love to play with balls and run into them so you can "kick" it.

You are eating everything. We've started giving you spicy food. You usually spit out the first bite but then will try it again. We haven't found a food that you don't like. You still say mmm when you eat. You're no longer using bottles or formula. Yay! You have a milk sippy and water sippy.

You love to play with your shape sorter. When you want to play you bring it to us and throw it at us. You're able to put in all the shapes except the heart. After trying if you can't get it, you'll just throw it on the floor and get another piece. You are also good at your puzzles. Your favorite book is "Pat the Bunny".

(Your Daddy dressed you today)

You have learned so much this month. You are such a happy little girl. You love to get your picture taken and sit in your chair so you can pose. Everyday we're amazed at how much you've learned and grown. We love you very much!!


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