Monday, April 12, 2010

14 Weeks

How far along: 14 Weeks
Maternity clothes: Pretty much all I wear now. I'll probably take this question out since I'm not going to stop wearing them anytime soon.
Sleep: I'm sleeping great in between the 3-4 times I get up during the night to use the bathroom.
Best moment this week: Seeing the little pumpkin on Friday.
Symptoms: I still have a belly and it's only going to get bigger.
Food cravings: I drank a whole container of lemonade...I don't like lemonade. But as I'm typing this wish I had a glass to drink.
Gender: Unknown, but I feel like it's a girl. With Olivia I thought I was having a boy so I'm sure I'm wrong.
What I miss: Being able to eat unlimited fish and seafood.
What I am looking forward to: The weekend
Everything is going great. I only get sick 1-2 days a week. Yay! Tonight our cute little lemon felt like a watermelon. ha! The baby was definitely growing tonight. I also think I felt the baby kick today, but I'm not sure. It could have been gas, but like to think it was the pumpkin.

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