Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny didn't visit our house this year. Since we just had Liv's birthday last week we figured she had enough new toys. Don't worry, Olivia got an Easter basket from Grammy.  Jesse had to work today and I'm not brave enough to take Olivia to church by myself so we stayed home and watched a nice service on tv.
After Jesse got home from work we headed to Grammy and Pap's for dinner. It was the first time I didn't pack food for Olivia. She ate what we did and said "mmm" after every bite. We had a great dinner. I made banana pudding for dessert. Surprisingly most of Jesse's family had never heard of it. How's that possible? I guess it's a southern food. Liv loved it but she loves all things banana.
Olivia loves playing at Grammy and Pap's because they don't have any gates and she's free to go everywhere. She also loves playing and chasing Apollo. She even tried climbing up the stairs. She got up five steps before she wanted down. I think she would have gotten further if she wasn't wearing a dress.
We had a little egg hunt for Olivia. Well we didn't hide them, we just put them out. She had no problem finding the eggs but didn't want to put them in the basket. Instead she wanted to eat them. Ha!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Our little Livie did. She passed out once we got home.

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