Sunday, April 18, 2010

No More Bottles

For the past few weeks we've tried to convince Olivia that she doesn't need to drink milk out of a bottle. Shes been drinking water out of a sippy cup since she was six months old. When she stopped drinking formula and starting drinking milk we decided to wean her off the bottle as well. For weeks we tried a lot of different cups and she refused each time. This morning we tried a new sippy and shockingly she drank from it and was very happy. We've gone an entire day without using a bottle. Yay!!
I also bought Olivia some small cups for her to practice drinking out of and she's carried them all over the place this weekend. She even took one to her crib at nap time. Ha!
My birthday is this week and Jesse gave me my gifts tonight (we're not very good at waiting). I squealed in excitement when I saw he got me a new vacuum and Shark steam mop. I've been wanting both for awhile now. I was so excited about the Shark that I quickly put it together and happily cleaned my kitchen floor. I have to say I'm impressed with Jesse. When we first got married he said that he'd never buy me an appliance or cookware for my birthday or Christmas because he knows that's why people get divorced. I'm glad that after 9 years I've been able to convince him that as long as I ask for it, it's totally okay to buy. My concern is should I really be so excited to get a new vacuum cleaner? Man, do I life on the wide side. Ha! My fingers are crossed that I get a new dishwasher for Mother's Day!

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