Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weekend of Firsts

Thursday morning we were ready to start weaning Olivia off formula. Everyone recommended mixing the formula with the milk until she's use to the milk. Everything we read said that mixing it is to help babies get use to the taste of milk. We only had a tiny bit of formula left and didn't want to open a brand new container for weaning so we took a chance. We gave Olivia a bottle of milk and she loved it! She didn't have any reactions to the milk so we are officially formula free (until October). Yay! Now we have to wean her off the bottle.
Friday morning, Liv was suppose to have a play date but her little friend was sick so we spent the day at home. Liv spent most of the day climbing up onto the couch. She loves just sitting up there. Unfortunately Olivia's way of getting down is just to fall off head first. We're trying to teach her a safer way down. Surprisingly though she never cries. Liv also loves sitting in her chair. To get off she scoots to the edge and jumps off.  Usually she lands on her butt. It's so cute!
Since we had some extra home time I packed up winter clothes and brought up spring/summer clothes. I can only use 3 shirts, 3 pants and 2 pair of maternity jeans from last year. Everything else is sweaters and cords which I don't think will be very comfortable in the summer. So my closet is empty right now. But Liv's is full of the cutest outfits. 

I also discovered that I have less laundry to do if I take Olivia's shirt off before she eats. She is very messy when she eats. Her favorite new food is black beans and they stain everything.
Today Olivia and I played outside, ran errands, had lunch with Jesse at the hotel and played outside some more. Olivia had the cutest pair of capris on today but they were a little tight on her and she kept falling. So we're retiring the pants.
Also I was a brave Mama tonight and gave Olivia a bath in the big bath tub. She seemed to like it so we're retiring her pink duck tub. She becoming such a big girl!

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