Monday, May 24, 2010

20 Weeks

How far along: 20 Weeks
How Big is Baby: Our little girl is 6.5 inches long and weighs 10.6 ounces (she feels heavier than that today)
Sleep: I've made peace that it'll be at least a year before I sleep through the night again. Ha!  
Best moment this week:  Seeing our sweet baby girl.
Movement: I feel the baby at least once a day and I love it! 
Symptoms: Growing belly and heartburn
Food cravings: None
Gender: Girl! 
What I am looking forward to: My next OB appointment on the 4th.

I can't believe I'm half way done with this pregnancy.  We'll see our sweet girl in 19 weeks!   We haven't picked a name yet.  We keep calling her different names, but haven't fell in love with anything yet.  

I got a call from Dr. E today to talk about my ultrasound results.  She said everything looks great with the baby.  Unfortunately I have placenta previa.  She said 90% of the time it corrects itself so I don't have anything to worry about at this point.  Right now I'm on pelvic rest and should take it easy.  In six weeks I'll have another ultrasound to see if it has corrected itself.  After I googled it I have tons of questions and have completely freaked myself out but I'm just going to be positive and I'm sure everything will be okay.  Right now I'm just enjoying this beautiful evening  with my family.  Olivia and I are on the sun porch while Jesse mows the grass.  Olivia waves at him every time he drives past us.  So sweet! 

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