Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Girl Shower

Today my Mother-in-law, Liv and I went to Hummelstown for cousin Janelle's baby shower.  Janelle and Eric are having a little girl at the end of July.  We had a great time.  It was nice to hang out with all the ladies in the family.
Olivia is showing Emma her new sunglasses.  
I was so excited to snuggle with my adorable little niece Delaney.  She's so tiny and sweet.
We had to leave the shower early so I could get Liv home for dinner.  When we left Janelle was still opening her gifts.  She had been opening them for an hour and ten minutes! Their little one is very loved.  
Once we got back to town I was too tired to cook so I stopped by Panera Bread and picked up dinner.  I got Liv a turkey sandwich (with organic cheese) and it came with organic yogurt.  Now that's what I call fast food!  Liv hasn't been eating much this weekend.  Last weekend she would have eaten all her sandwich, yogurt and apple.  Tonight she barely eat half.  "They" say it's normal for toddler's appetite to decrease.  I just hope she doesn't start getting picky about what she eats.  

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