Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gardening Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. We didn't do anything special. The only difference was that Jesse was home ALL weekend. Yay!!

After breakfast Saturday morning we headed out to Lurgan Nursery and picked up some veggies for our garden. We also picked up some annuals for our butterfly garden. Olivia has a new set of wheels that we tried out at the nursery. I got her any umbrella stroller. I need something lightweight for this summer and this works perfect for us.

Jesse showed Olivia the fish that are for sale.

After we got home Liv and I played while Jesse started weeding the butterfly garden.

While Liv and I were on the porch and she discovered that we have a cat door. Thankfully she didn't try to crawl through it.

Olivia's Grammy got her a a play yard for Christmas so we broke it out while I helped Jesse. She played in it for about 10 minutes then stood up and put her arms up. She'd had enough.

Today Jesse hung Olivia's swing in our back tree. She loved it.

We also set up her pool. Olivia splashed around in it while we waited for the water to warm up.

The after two hours of rain Liv suited up and headed out to the pool. She seemed a little unsure at first but seemed to have fun.

Jesse worked all day and got our veggie garden planted. We have tons of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, strawberries, and herbs. We would have loved to plant more but ran out of room. This is our second year planting a veggie garden. I'm proud to say that our garden is pesticide-free again. Last year the rabbits didn't bother our garden either, I hope we're as lucky this year. I can't wait to harvest some food.

I also made a composting bin this weekend. I'm very excited to reduce our waste and start my own form of recycling.

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toad said...

the garden looks great!