Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Saturday Olivia and I hit three of our local farmer's markets and stocked up on strawberries.  We met up with Olivia's Grammy at one of the markets and took Liv over to see their petting zoo.  She just adores animals.
Sunday we went to the Weikel family cookout and had a blast.  Olivia loved playing with her cousin Brody.  My brilliant sister-in-law brought a pool and it kept the kids happy for at least an hour.
We were super busy chasing Olivia around so I didn't get many pictures.  While she was running around she fell on the driveway and got her first scraped knee.  I'm sure it won't be the last.
Today Jesse and I were both off work today.  Yay!  This morning Liv and I played outside while Jesse did yard work.  Then we went to his parent's house for another cookout.  Olivia got to hang out with her Great Grandmother, Great Great Aunt, Great Great Uncle and Great Uncle.  A lot of greats.
Grammy set up the pool for Olivia to play in so she got to hang out in the pool twice today.  Plus she had a bath tonight.  Poor thing is turning into a prune.

Olivia was so busy this weekend that last night and tonight was the first time that Olivia went to bed without any protest.  Usually when I say it's time for night night, Olivia will throw her head back and start whining. Then she'll shake her head while she says no the whole time she walks to her bedroom.  She also usually fusses when I put her in her crib but she's not done any of that this weekend.  Instead she just gone to bed.  Hopefully she continue going to bed without protest.

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