Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today marks a big change in our lives.  As of today Jesse is home on the weekends.  When I went back to work after Olivia was born Jesse worked weekends so he could be home with her two days a week.  He was home Monday and Friday.  I was home Saturday and Sunday and we had a sitter come to the house Tuesday-Thursday.  This allowed Olivia to spend four days a week with her parents and us to afford an in home sitter.  It was very important for us that Olivia stay home her first year.  We're very happy with our decision but of course Jesse and I not having days off together caused stress in our relationship.

Now Olivia is 14 months old and we've decided to send her to daycare.  This was a very hard decision for us.  We've been praying, talking and planning for it for the past two months.  Now that Olivia is older we've realized that she needs to be around children her own age.  Since I work during the week I'm limited on play group opportunities.  Unfortunately the majority of activities take place on weekday mornings.  So starting Wednesday Olivia will be going to an in-home daycare.  It's a lady I've known for a few years and I know that she'll take great care of my daughter, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm a basket case right now.  

We've been talking to Olivia about going to Amy's and playing with friends but nothing I say is going to help prepare her for Wednesday.  I know that in time she'll love it but I don't know how to not make her feel like I'm abandoning her.  She's never stayed with anyone other than family so Wednesday is a double whammy for us.  

Lately Olivia has had horrible separation anxiety.  In the morning when Olivia sees her sitter she start crying and clinging to me because she knows I'm leaving.  I don't know how she's going to react at Amy's house.  Even though this is going to be a very difficult transition for all of us we know that it's the right decision.  Not only will Olivia get to make friends but Jesse being home on the weekends will allow us to do more things as a family.  

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this transition and if you see me this week with bright red eyes please don't point it out.  

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toad said...

wow! big changes! keep us posted :D praying wed goes ok