Friday, June 11, 2010

Forward Facing

We've never had a need for more than one car seat since Liv stays home with a sitter during the week.  Now that she's getting older Jesse and I've been talking about getting her another seat.  Then two weeks ago a car seat was delivered to our house.  Liv's Mimi bought her a new Britax car seat.  It's very cute and very pink.  Jesse was a little unsure about having a pink car seat in his car but I reminded him that soon he'll have two of them in the car.

Today Jesse installed it in his car.  Now that Liv is 14 months he installed it forward facing (the one in my car is still backwards) then took her to run some errands.  He said she loved it.  Liv smiled, sang and talked the entire time they were out.  This weekend we're flipping the other car seat around.  

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