Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Project 52: Date 4

Our date for this week was a daytime date during Olivia's nap time.  Hubby and I watched US play in the World Cup.  I don't understand anything about soccer but my hubby is a fan.  So we curled up on the couch and watched the game (we DVR'd it).  Even though I don't understand the rules I still enjoyed myself.  Too bad US lost and was eliminated from the World Cup.  One of my favorite things about soccer is there are no commercial breaks and they never stop the play clock.  I watch baseball and football all the time and wish they were as efficient as soccer.

Our first month of dates are over.  We had to make last minute changes to some dates based on babysitter availability but I've enjoyed every one of them.  I'm really glad we decided to take this challenge.  It's definitely given us opportunities to reconnect.  Now I can't wait to see what Jesse has planned for us next month.  My parents are visiting this week so I think we might have an out of the house date.  Fingers crossed.  

If you'd like to participate in Project 52, then head on over to Simply Modern Mom.

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