Thursday, June 10, 2010

Twice Blessed

I've been looking for a book about having a second child and found "Twice Blessed".  I was a little unsure about reading it because it got some mixed reviews but I only paid a penny for it on so what did I have to loose.  Surprisingly I finished the book in two days.  It was a very interesting and easy to read.

She talked about how important it is to talk about a game plan for when the baby is born.  With Olivia we just sort of figured things out for better or worse.  She suggests that each of us make a list of what we thought worked and what didn't and the discuss how we want to work as a team.  This is definitely something we will be doing.  We never thought about what we'd eat the first few weeks home.  Thankfully our families kept us fed.  This time around I'm stocking our freezer.

I am a little scared because one of the biggest themes of this book is how hard it is to become a family of four but I hope with some planning and lots of communication it'll be a (somewhat) smooth transition.  At least for me and Jesse.  Poor Olivia is so young I don't think she understands what's going to happen in four months.  Maybe we don't really understand either!

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toad said...

i think that your firstborn takes on whatever attitude you portray. we made a huge deal that adin was the big brother and how happy he would be...and he WAS! i know you hear a lot about regression and not liking the baby, but we never had any of that. just make sure that olivia gets attention too and that you take her out alone sometimes...aaron would take adin out to be his "helper" when they went to lowes or something. we have never had jealousy or any of that. i know you guys will be a great family of 4! it is a lot of fun and the girls will be so happy to have "built in best friends"!