Friday, July 30, 2010

16 Months


You're 16 months old today and such a big girl.  So what have you been up to?

You weigh 23 pounds 7 ounces and you're 31 3/4 inches tall.  You're still wearing 12 month clothes and size 4 shoes.  You still have eight teeth and you're cutting another one up top.

You love to talk.  You babble all the time.  You're saying mama, dada, cat, hi, mup (up) down, milk, da (done) and sometimes milk.  You can point to your nose, hair, foot and mouth.  On a good day you'll also point to your belly, hands and eyes.  You're also pointing at everything.  You get very excited when you see cats and dogs on tv.  If we're out walking and you hear a dog barking you'll bark too.

You loving playing with your baby dolls.  You love to hug, feed and push them in the stroller.  You're going to be a great big sister.  You also love to talk on the phone and carry a purse around.

You are very busy.  You love to run and climb.  You're climbing on stuff we don't want you to though.  You love to stand on your Leap Frog drum, baby stroller and laundry baskets.  You're our little daredevil.

You love to dance.  Whenever you hear music you start dancing and singing.  Sometimes you get a little crazy with your dancing though and fall down.  You also like to blow kisses.

You are the sweetest  little girl.  Daddy and I are amazed everyday at how smart and big you're getting.  We love you!


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