Monday, July 12, 2010

27 Weeks

I recently read a funny article in American Baby about how silly it is that we refer to our babies as fruit.  So instead of a fruit picture, I'm giving you a picture of her from my preceptive.  This is what I see when I look down (no feet).

How Big is Baby:  She weighs around two pounds and is 14.5 inches long
Sleep: Great
Best moment this week:  Naming her :)
Movement: She's all over the place and I love it.  She's got hiccups a lot.  
Symptoms: Severe indigestion
Food cravings: Fresh fruit 
Gender: Sweet baby girl! 
What I am looking forward to: I have another ultrasound next Monday.  

I've been feeling great despite how super hot it was last week.  I drank lots of water and tried to stay inside as much as I could.  Thankfully all my clients had AC this week.  

About  a month ago I was on my way to a client's house when I started feeling "not okay".  While I was there my stomach and chest got very tight and I couldn't breathe.  I started having hot flashes and was nausea.  I wanted to use their bathroom but I was scared that if I got up I'd pass out.   Thankfully no one really seemed to notice just how uncomfortable I was or at least they didn't say anything.  After about an hour the pain went away and I felt fine.  As the therapist and I were leaving the house she offered to drive me to the hospital (apparently I looked pretty pale), but I felt fine and didn't worry about it again.  

Fast forward to Saturday night.  After dinner I was feeling a little uncomfortable and once I put Olivia to bed my stomach and chest got very tight.  This time I got very sick and barely made it to the bathroom.  No matter what I did I couldn't get comfortable or stop the pain.  Jesse was ready to take me to the hospital but because I had experienced the same thing a month ago I knew it would pass.  It did 40 minutes later.   What shocked me was that it happened again at 2:00 am and again lasted over 40 minutes.  Sunday I was fine but my chest were sore from both episodes.  

I talked to a nurse at my OB office and they said it was probably just indigestion and that I  ate too much fiber (I ate the same meal Sunday night and felt fine).  So now I'm carrying a bottle of Mylanta in my purse just in case it happens again (Tums didn't help).  Fingers crossed that it doesn't.  Jesse's not convinced and checks in on me every 15 minutes (bless his heart).  


Chickie said...

i have the severe indigestion too! it is no fun... and i have had the same thing with my chest tightening three times this past week... my doctor said indigestion or muscle spasms... glad to know i'm not the only one...

i hope everything returns to normal for you soon!

Angee said...

Sorry that you have it too but it makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only :)

Mama Feather said...

Love you Belly pic!! Sorry that you had so much pain/discomfort-hope you don't experience anymore!!!