Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project 52: Date 7

This weekend for date night Jesse decided it would be concert night.  Since we've been together (12 years) we've gone to at least one concert a year.  Since we've had Olivia we've gone to zero concerts.  Our last one was two months before Olivia was born.  Actually, we've been to a few of my BIL's shows.

So Jesse decided that we'd have a concert at home.  We turned on the surround sound and watched Pearl Jam: Immagine in Cornice- Live in Italy.  Pearl Jam is our favorite band to watch live and I've really missed seeing them play this year.  I really enjoyed the concert.  I have to admit as great as going to a live show is it was nice to sit on my couch and eat ice cream instead of standing next to a sweaty stranger.  Neither of us got up and danced but there was some foot tapping and silent singing a long.

I loved this date.  I was a great idea and I'm sure we'll do it again.

If you want to participate in Project 52 head over to Simply Modern Mom.

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