Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random Weekend

It once again it's in the high 90's here in PA.  I moved five states north to avoid 90 degree weather only to have had it all summer.  I'm instantly thirsty every time I walk outside. I'm also convinced that Target doesn't use AC.  Every time I go there I break into a sweat and feel like passing out.  Jesse probably sees it as a blessing.  Ha!  On top of the heat I've had Olivia's cold for the past week.  I've done nothing but coughed for the last two days.  I feel like I have TB or a smoker's cough. grr 
Friday morning Olivia had her 15 month wellness check.  He weighs 23 pounds 7 ounces and is 31 3/4 inches tall.  She had a great doctor visit until the end when she had to get some shots.  As soon as we got to the car, she passed out.  Poor thing.  
I've been letting Olivia play with pay dough which just means she tries to eat it while I tell her "no eat".  We also tried playing with stickers but she wanted to eat those as well.  I guess we'll have to keep practicing.  
Olivia's new favorite place to hang out is in the ottoman.  She loves climbing in and out of it.  We also gave her an old cell phone so she's been talking on it nonstop.  
Today I made banana pudding and let Olivia lick the spatula for the first time.  She loved it and was not happy when I took it away.  
Later I found her singing with a dish towel on her head.  She's so goofy.  

We also had a "whining out" today.  It wasn't an official time out and she didn't have to sit in the time out spot (thankfully we haven't had to do it yet).  Olivia was whining for something that she could not have.  After I told her no (what felt like a million times) I picked her up and put her in her chair.  I explained to her that she can not whine for things when she's told no and that she needed to sit there until she was done whining.  She sat there quietly but started whining twice when she saw me look at her.  After a couple of minutes she walked back into the kitchen and started playing again.  I have to say I was very excited that it worked and will definitely do it again.  Our biggest challenge with Liv is her constant whining when she doesn't get her way so I'm excited that I found something that will hopefully work for us...until next time.  

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