Monday, August 2, 2010

30 Weeks

How Big is Baby:  She's over 3 pounds and is 15 3/4 inches long. 
Sleep: I've decided that it's totally overrated.  Ha!
Best moment this week:  Hearing her heartbeat.
Movement: She's a busy little girl
Symptoms: Pelvic and bladder pain.  
Food cravings: Frozen chocolate covered bananas.  I could eat them everyday.  Thankfully I've found them in three different stores.  
Gender: Sweet baby girl! 
What I am looking forward to: October 5th.

I had an OB visit on Friday.  They confirmed that my sugar is great and my placenta corrected itself.  On top of that I lost a pound over the last two weeks.  I don't know how that happened since all she's doing is gaining weight.   My blood pressure was 102/68.  Perfect.  My repeat c-section was officially scheduled for October 5th and I was given tons of paperwork to complete.  

I'm sill torn about having a repeat c-section.  A part of me wants to try a vbac.  At first I was completely fine with the section but as Emily's arrival nears I wonder if I'll regret it.  I'm such a planner that I love knowing exactly when she will arrive, but on the other hand I'd like to let nature take its course.  I guess we'll just see what happens.  

I can't believe we're at 30 weeks.  Only 9 more weeks until we see her.  It feels like I just found out I was pregnant.  As excited as I am to hold her in my arms, I wish I could freeze time.  Emily will be the last baby I carry.  Even though I'm full of aches and pains I love having her close to me and would carry her for an eternity.  

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Mama Feather said...

Incredibly excited for you!! Yay for only 9 more weeks!!