Monday, August 9, 2010

31 Weeks

How Big is Baby:  She's over 3 pounds and is 16 inches long. 
Sleep: I've been working so hard this week that I've actually been sleeping through the night. Yay! 
Best moment this week:  Crib shopping 
Movement: I don't think she ever stops moving.  
Symptoms:   Heartburn 
Food cravings: Sonic's Strawberry Lemonade.  I got one every day last week and developed a mouth ulcer from all that acid.  
Gender: Sweet baby girl! 
What I am looking forward to: October 5th.

My mom is in town this week so she's helping me get a lot of projects done around the house and projects for Emily.  I'm amazed how laid back I am this time around.  When I was pregnant with Olivia we had her room done and cars eat installed by now.  This time around Jesse and I just decided what room will be Emily's and started looking at cribs.  We have eight weeks before she arrives and so much to do but I'm sure it'll all get done in no time.  

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