Monday, August 23, 2010

33 Weeks

How Big is Baby: She's around four pounds and 17 inches long.  The size of a pineapple. One of these days I'll take a belly shot.
Sleep: I've been sleeping great.  Olivia not so much.  So we've had some long nights lately.
Best Moment of the Week: Shopping for Emily
Movement: Very active.  My doctor told me that my placenta is up front so I shouldn't  feel that much movement. Ha! Friday I thought she was going to break my rib!
Symptoms: Reflux in the middle of the night and my belly is getting huge!
Food Cravings: None this week.  I've not been very hungry.
Gender: Sweet baby girl
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting sweet Emily!

I've been doing some shopping on Etsy for Emily.  It's so addicting.  I could spend the whole day just window shopping.  This week I got her two cute items.
I got her this cute newborn hat with seven interchangeable flowers.  I think I might get her another one that's 3-6 months so I can keep using the flowers.  I got them from Always2Crafty Linda.
Infants don't need shoes but how could I resist these adorable booties?  I love them! They're perfect for this fall and winter.  I got them at Twenty Second Street Crafts.  I've also got my eye on these cuties!  Actually I love all her stuff!
Shopping for little girls is so much fun.  I also have lots of little onesies I want to make for the girls over the next few weeks.  

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Chickie said...

i totally agree... i have become an etsy stalker lately! i bought amelia (our baby girl's name, shhh i never posted it on my blog) a head band and a pettiskirt this week! and i have been eyeballing that same hat with interchangeable flowers but i am not sure if it is from the same seller, but it is a white hat with interchangeable flowers...

i still keep up with your blog via my iphone but it is hard to comment, please know that i am still here and praying for you and your pregnancy!