Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Morning

When I made my OB appointment for 7:30 am this morning it seemed like a good idea until...this morning. Jesse had to cover the desk at 7 and Liv and I needed to leave the house at 7.  So we were very busy this morning.  So busy that I dropped my hair dryer in the toilet.  Yikes!  Thankfully it wasn't plugged in yet.  Poor Liv not only had to get up early but she also had to eat her breakfast in the car.  Although she didn't seem to mind.
My appointment was great.  My blood pressure was 122/70.  Emily's heartbeat is around 140 and I'm measuring at 34 weeks.  Everything is right on schedule.  I go back in two weeks and then I'm there every week until we meet Emily! We can't wait.  During dinner tonight I asked Jesse what our plans are for this weekend.  He said "nesting".  Sounds good to me!

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