Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project 52: Date 11

This weekend we had a simple date and watched a movie.  We usually watch movies on our XBox from Netflix.  It usually takes us forever to pick a movie.  Jesse likes to look at all the categories (at least twice) before making a selection.  We finally decided to watch The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas (because it wasn't going to be available past September 1st).   We've had this movie in our queue for at least a year but never found the time to watch it.
The movie is about a German boy who befriends a Jewish boy inside a concentration camp.  This movie (it was based on a book) explores a horrific subject and time in our history.  The movie was very good.  Jesse and I were speechless when it was over.  The movie was not what we expected.  I definitely recommend this movie but it is not easy to watch.  It's emotionally demanding.  It is a movie that I'll never forget.  

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