Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two Stitches

Wednesday evening started out like any other evening.  Jesse and I got home at the same time.  He changed Olivia's diaper and put her in "after school" clothes while I put on my pjs.  Then Jesse started prepping for dinner while Olivia and I sat in the dinning room and read a book.  She ran out to the kitchen to show Jesse her book and as she was coming back to me it happened...she tripped and fell right onto the corner of our brick hearth.  I immediately scooped her up and ran into the kitchen.  There was blood everywhere.  As soon as I saw the cut I knew we were going to the ER.

When we got to the hospital we signed in and thankfully they called us back immediately.  By that time the bleeding had stopped and Olivia was just in a daze.  The triage nurses were wonderful.  They explained everything to Olivia and were careful not to upset her.  Plus she got two stickers for being so good.  I almost started crying while we were in triage.  Olivia was sitting in Jesse's lap while they got her vitals and she just looked so small and fragile.  Later Jesse admitted that he got very emotional then too.
They got us settled into a room and after a few moments the doctor came in to examine Olivia.  He told us that it would take about 20 minutes to numb the area.  Once that was done he would be able to tell if she needed stitches or glue.
Olivia didn't like the numbing solution or bandage.  Jesse had to wear a glove while he put pressure on her bandage so his fingers wouldn't get numb.  The doctor turned out the lights hoping that Olivia would relax and fall asleep. Ha! Thirty minutes later he came back with two nurses and a back board.  They swaddled Olivia in a blanket and strapped her to the board so he could examine her cut.  It was torture seeing her like that but it was the safest way for them to work on Olivia.  Unfortunately the cut wasn't smooth and he had to use stitches.  The doctor made us sit while they worked on Olivia so we wouldn't get in the way.  While he stitched her up I stared at the wall and cried.  I must have been a complete mess because the nurse asked me three times if I was okay.  Jesse watched everything the doctor did.  He was much braver than I was.
Olivia got two stitched.  We have to wait five days before they can be removed.  Our job over the next five days is to make sure she doesn't take her stitches out.  Apparently kiddos Olivia's age take them out.  Once we got Olivia home and fed she was acting like nothing happened.  She took off two bandages before bed so I camped in her room all night to keep an eye on her and her stitches.  I don't plan on going back to the ER anytime soon.

I take comfort in knowing that Olivia will not remember this experience (but we'll never forget it) expect when we show her pictures.   I'm so thankful that she didn't cut her eye and will hopefully only have a tiny little scar above her eyebrow.  It could have been so much worse.  It's amazing how quickly things can change.  Thankfully God was watching out for Olivia and she only ended up with two little stitches.

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Iowa Sunshine said...

oh wow, that situation would have terrified me, too. God was definitely protecting her that moment and giving you and your husband lots of compassionate care. x-tra, x-tra snuggle time for the little patient :)