Sunday, September 19, 2010

No Sew Crib Skirt

When I found out that we were having another baby I knew that we wouldn't buy a crib bedding set.  We got one for Olivia and frankly it was a waste of money.  We've never used the bumper or quilt.  So this time around I knew that I wanted to make my own crib skirt.
After months of shopping I finally found a material that I liked. Emily's room is lavender.  I love green and purple together and of course we needed some pink.  Since my sewing skills are very basic I was going to ask my mom to make the skirt until I found a no sew tutorial at Young House Love.  Perfect.

I measured the frame of the crib and cut out the panels with an extra inch on each side.  Then I used Heat N' Bond to hem my edges.
I didn't hem the top of the panel since I was going to Velcro it to the top of the crib frame and the mattress would cover the raw edge. 

Once I had my panels done I attached them to the crib frame.  Easy peasy.