Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picture Frame Cork Board

I decided to do an organizational wall because I wanted a cork board to keep our family calendar on it.  I found a great tutorial at Make It and Love It  on making your own cork board.  I used the same fabric as the Dry Erase Board.  I had an extra picture frame in the basement (the glass was broken) so I only had to buy some cork.  I started out with one layer of cork but the push pins hit the wall so I took her suggestion and doubled the thickness of the cork.  
I also made some decorative thumbtacks.  I found it difficult to make the thumbtacks.  I couldn't line up the pieces to snap them into place...until I used my teeth.  Hey, you do what you need to do. Ha! 
I only made a couple because I found cute ladybug thumbtacks at Michaels.
I thought I was done with my organizational wall until I saw a tutorial on decorating a clip board.  I hope to have it done this week and then I can call my wall done. Yay! 

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Ashley said...

Perfect. I love how it all turned out. And I especially love that Ultra Sound picture of maybe an expecting baby?? Very sweet.....and perfect place for it!