Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project 52: Date 13

Every year Chambersburg hosts a Crab Feast.  All you can eat Maryland Blue Crabs.  They also have chicken, fixins and beer (none for me, thanks).  We've been going to it every year since we moved to PA.  Jesse's hotel and his "sister" hotel are sponsors.  So it's a great time to get together with everyone and hang out for a couple of hours.  It's a very messy evening and you still smell like crabs after you shower but it's so worth it.  I'm happy to report I didn't cut my fingers but Jesse did get a nice cut.  Jesse and I had a great time.  It'll probably be one of the last things we do as a couple (outside of the house) for awhile.  So even though we were covered in Old Bay and crab is was still a great date!
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sounds like a fun and yummy date.