Thursday, September 23, 2010

The End of Civilization?

Yesterday evening I was exhausted.  Olivia was up coughing the night before (see previous post) so we didn’t get any sleep.  By the time Olivia and I got home after work I was on auto pilot and of course Jesse was working late.  After dinner (frozen pizza) Olivia and I were playing in the living room (she was dancing to Jack’s Big Music Show) when the power went out…and it didn’t come back on…

Thankfully Jesse was on his way home and he was able to locate flashlights and candles before the sun went down.  Olivia loved playing with the flashlight and was literally bouncing off the furniture. 

While the power was out we gave Olivia her first dose of medication.  The pharmacy gave us a dropper that made no sense.  I feel like I needed an engineering degree to figure it out.  So while I tried to get the medicine in the dropper Jesse was holding the flashlight.  In the end I ended up with medicine all over my shirt and the floor but Olivia got her first dose (we think).

Bedtime is usually at 7:30 pm but we didn’t think Olivia would go to sleep in a dark quiet room.  She sleeps with a fan, humidifier and night light but at 8:00 pm we gave up on the power coming back on and decided to try to put her to bed.  She wasn’t having it at all.  Just as Jesse went to get Olivia out of the crib the power came back on. Yay! We quickly tucked Olivia in bed and I made a beeline for bed myself. 

An hour and half of no power was not fun or adventurous (Jesse was ready to play Scrabble).  I found it stressful and hot! I kept obsessing about how many times Jesse opened the fridge (five times).  The only thing that would have topped off the night was for my water to break.  Nope I’m not being dramatic…I’m just nine months pregnant and HOT.    

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