Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Never Ending Summer Cold

When we first started talking about putting Olivia in daycare her doctor warned us that Olivia would probably get sick.  She said it would either be now or once she goes to school.  We were okay with that.  Olivia had already had ONE cold.  How bad could it be?

A couple of weeks after Olivia started daycare she got a cold.  No big deal, we were prepared for it.  She had a runny nose and cough.  So we ran her humidifier every time she slept and stock piled Boggie Wipes.  I actually found this cold to be a great opportunity to teach Liv how to blow (we’re still working on) and wipe her nose.  Unfortunately Liv also learned how to pick her nose (we didn’t teach her that). 

What surprised us was that her cold never went away.  She always had a runny nose and cough.   So at her  wellness check we talked to Dr. H about her cold.  Olivia’s chest and ears looked fine so Dr. H thought Olivia had allergies and told us to use Claritin.  What? Allergies? Jesse and I didn’t agree with her diagnosis.  Neither of use have any allergies.  In fact no one on either side of our families have allergies.  We’ve learned that everyone in PA blames a runny nose and cough on allergies.  Apparently this is a very allergic place to live. 

So after a couple of weeks of debating about medicating our daughter we decided to give it a try.  It didn’t help.  Liv still had a cough and runny nose.  Around this time she also started cutting her one year molars and we I think that’s where the runny nose is coming from, but it doesn’t explain her cough.  Most days she coughs a couple of times during the day and a good amount at night. 

So once again we talked to Dr. H about Olivia’s ongoing cold.  She was surprised that the Claritin didn’t help and increased her dosage.  So again we gave her Claritin and it didn’t work and we stopped giving it to her.  For awhile it seemed as if she was getting better.  She rarely coughed but still had a runny nose (still working on molar #4).  Then it happened. 

Sunday morning she woke up with a runny crusty eye.  That was definitely something new.  Also her nose would not stop running and she had a slight cough.  This went on all day Sunday and Monday.  Even her sitter commented on her nose (she thinks its allergies).  Tuesday night Olivia went to bed at her normal time and around 10:00 pm she started coughing.  She didn’t stop until a little before 1:00 am.  Jesse took her a sippy cup around 10:30 and he said she was just laying there awake and coughing.  She never called out to us but I did go in and hold her for awhile hoping that her being upright would reduce the coughing.  It didn’t.  Finally it just stopped and we all got some sleep until 5:00 am when the coughing started again.

So Wednesday morning I took her to see Dr. H again.  The first thing she wanted to do was send Olivia for a chest x ray since the cough is what is worrying us the most.  Unfortunately Jesse was working and I can’t go in with her since I’m nine month pregnant so no chest x ray.  Due to Olivia’s symptoms she was diagnosed with a sinus infection.  She has to take antibiotics twice a day for 10 days.  She would have had them for 14 days but I’ll be in the hospital having Emily.  If she’s not better by October 4th, then we’ll have to take her for a chest x ray.  Dr. H also told me she’s still not ruling out allergies. Ha! So hopefully in ten days Olivia will be as good as new.  Hopefully! 

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