Saturday, October 9, 2010

When Three Became Four

 Since I didn't have to arrive at the hospital at 11:15 am  Jesse, Olivia and I had a nice quiet morning at the house.  
On the way to the hospital we dropped Olivia off at daycare.  As I was walking back to the car I cried.  I cried for many reasons.  Both happy and sad with a lot of hormones mixed in.  As excited as I was to meet Emily I was also very nervous about the surgery.

Jesse's mom met us at the hospital and we checked in.  Once we got settled in my nurse started prepping me for surgery.  I had felt discomfort all day and she confirmed that I was having contractions.  I got every excited.  Around 12:30 pm Dr E came in and said that we were heading to the OR.  I told her about my contractions so she checked me and my cervix was still closed.  At that point we all knew that we were making the right decision.  The entire OR team came in and talked to me and Jesse.  Then we all walked down to the OR.  Jesse had to wait in the hall until I was prepped for surgery.  After Jesse came in it was just a matter of minutes before I felt a lot of tugging.  It took two doctors and a nurse to pull Emily out (she wasn't anywhere near my pelvis).  And then we heard a beautiful cry.  She cried like she was a mad cat.  Everyone said how big and beautiful she was.
After I got to kiss sweet Emily, she and Jesse went back to the room while they finished my surgery.  The entire OR team was so sweet and supportive.  During my last c-section I lost a lot of blood and got very sick.  Everyone on the team was aware of my concerns and they addressed everything before it became an issue.  

When I got back to our room the three of us had an hour of recovery time before we could have any visitors.  Emily got her first bath and I got a lot of snuggle time. 
And now we're a family of four! 

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Michelle said...

This is so so sweet. Congratulations!! Your girls are both gorgeous.